First circular for ICMM-2007


The International Conference on Magnetic Materials (ICMM-2007) will be held at Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics (SINP) in Kolkata, India from Tuesday, December 4 to Sunday, December 9, 2007. The meeting is intended to provide a forum for presentation and discussion in the recent developments in magnetic materials. The diversity of the field would be represented by presentations covering areas listed in “subjects”. The sessions will include invited and contributed papers, oral and poster presentations.

The organizing committee would like to welcome all of you at SINP to meet your colleagues and wishes you a pleasant stay in Kolkata.




  1. Magnetic thin films, multilayers, nano particles
  2. Low dimensional systems and spin liquids
  3. Spin glasses, Random magnets
  4. Amorphous, nano-crystalline materials and granular materials
  5. Intermetallics, alloys and oxides
  6. Magnetic Semiconductors
  7. Magneto-elastic and magnetostrictive materials

1. Magnetization, transport and specific heat 
2. Scattering techniques (Light, Neutron and X-ray)
3. Resonance techniques (EPR, NMR, Mossbauer, muSR  etc)
4. High magnetic field
Magneto-optic effects

6. Theory

You are kindly invited to submit an abstract by  June 20, 2007

 Pre-registration Deadline:                               June 20, 2007


Conference Information


Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics
1/AF, Bidhannagar ,Kolkata 700064 India

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Prof. A. Ghoshray