Introduction to the Chinese Physical Society (CPS)

The Chinese Physical Society (CPS) was founded in 1932.

CPS is an academic organization under the leadership of the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST). Its purpose is to promote the development and popularization of physics. CPS at present includes about 40,000 members. The national congress of CPS representatives is held every four years, which elects members of the national council. The national council elects the executive council, as well as the president, vice-presidents and the secretary-general. The associate secretary-generals are appointed by the executive council. The national council meets every one or two years. The executive council meets every three months.

Beneath the executive council are eight working commissions and one office. CPS is at present composed of 31 provincial physical societies, 31 sub-societies or specialized committees. The Society publishes 11 academic journals, and 9 other journals are published by sub-societies or specialized committees. The Society has established 7 physics awards and their selection committees.

CPS has been a member of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP) since 1984 and of the Association of Asia Pacific Physical Societies (AAPPS) since 1990. Cooperation and scientific exchanges between CPS and other countries/regions’ physical societies have significantly increased in recent years.

President:  ZHANG Jie

Vice-Presidents:  FANG Zhong   Gong Qi-Huang   LI Jian-Gang

               SUN Chang-Pu  XUE Qi-Kun   ZHAO Zheng-Guo

Secretary-General:  FANG Zhong

Conferences and Academic Meetings Sponsored by CPS: Domestic ~ 60/year, International ~ 20/year

Organizations in the Society:

National Council

Executive Council

Office of the Chinese Physical Society

Commission on Academic Exchange

Commission on Science and Technology Popularization

Commission on Publications

Commission on Physics Education

Commission on Physics Nomenclature

Commission on Consultation

Commission on Women in Physics

Commission on International Exchange

Specialized Committees:

Committee on High Energy Physics

Committee on Nuclear Physics

Committee on Plasma Physics

Committee on Atomic and Molecular Physics

Committee on Microwave Spectroscopy

Committee on Optical Physics

Committee on Light Scattering

Committee on Quantum Optics

Committee on Luminescence

Committee on Electrostatics

Committee on Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics and Statistical Physics

Committee on Semiconductor Physics

Committee on Magnetism

Committee on Surface and Interface Physics

Committee on Amorphous State Physics

Committee on Defects in Solids

Committee on Phase Diagrams

Committee on Low Temperature Physics

Committee on High Pressure Physics

Committee on Liquid Crystals

Committee on Dielectrics

Committee on Internal Friction and Mechanical Spectroscopy

Committee on X-ray Diffraction

Committee on Gravitation and Relativistic Astrophysics

Committee on Electronic Spectroscopy

Committee on Mass Spectroscopy

Committee on Accelerators

Committee on Synchrotron Radiation

Committee on Neutron Scattering

Committee on Computational Condensed Matter Physics

Committee on High-Energy-Density Physics


Chinese Physics Letters (monthly, in English)

Chinese Physics B (monthly, in English)

Chinese Physics C (monthly, in English)

Wuli (Physics) (monthly, in Chinese)

Acta Physica Sinica (semi-monthly, in Chinese)

Progress in Physics (bimonthly, in Chinese)

Chinese Journal of Chemical Physics (bimonthly, in English)

College Physics (monthly, in Chinese)

Physics Teaching (monthly, in Chinese)

Communications in Theoretical Physics (monthly, in English)

Journal of Chinese Electron Microscopy Society (bimonthly, in Chinese)


Chinese Journal of Magnetic Resonance (quarterly, in Chinese and English)

Chinese Journal of High Pressure Physics (bimonthly, in Chinese)

Chinese Journal of Luminescence (monthly, in Chinese)

Journal of Quantum Optics (quarterly, in Chinese)

Chinese Journal of Light Scattering (quarterly, in Chinese)

Chinese Journal of Atomic and Molecular Physics (bimonthly, in Chinese and English)

Nuclear Physics Review (quarterly, in Chinese)

Journal of Chinese Mass Spectrometry Society (bimonthly, in Chinese)

Chinese Journal of Liquid Crystals and Displays (bimonthly, in Chinese)

Prizes Awarded by CPS:

HU Gang-fu (HU Kang-fuh) Prize (for Experimental Techniques)

RAO Yu-tai (YAO Yu-tai) Prize (for Optics, Acoustics, Atomic and Molecular Physics)

YE Qi-sun (YEH Chi-sun) Prize (for Condensed Matter Physics)

WU You-xun (WOO Yui-hsun) Prize (for Nuclear Physics)

WANG Gan-chang (WANG Kan-chang) Prize (for Particle Physics and Inertia Confinement Nuclear Fusion)

XIE Xi-de Prize (for Women in Physics)

HUANG Kun Prize (for Solid Physics and Semiconductor Physics)

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